The binding site of NK receptors on HLA-C molecules.

  title={The binding site of NK receptors on HLA-C molecules.},
  author={Ofer Mandelboim and Hugh Thomson Reyburn and Eric G. Sheu and Mar Val{\'e}s-G{\'o}mez and Daniel M. Davis and Laszlo Pazmany and Jack Leonard Strominger},
  volume={6 3},
The protection of cells expressing class I HLA molecules from NK lysis is mediated by natural killer cell inhibitory receptors (NKIR). Using site-directed mutagenesis, residues on HLA-C that determine the locus specificity (alphaVal-76), allotype group specificity (a dimorphism alphaAsn-80/Lys-80), and affinity of NKIR binding (a second pair of dimorphisms, alphaAla-73, Asp-90 or alphaThr-73, Ala-90) have been identified. Thus the "footprint" of the NKIR on the alpha1 helix of the class I MHC… CONTINUE READING


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