The binding of divalent cations to Escherichia coli alpha-haemolysin.

  title={The binding of divalent cations to Escherichia coli alpha-haemolysin.},
  author={Helena Ostolaza and A Soloaga and F{\'e}lix M Go{\~n}i},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={228 1},
alpha-haemolysin, an extracellular protein toxin of Escherichia coli, is known to disrupt eukaryotic cell membranes. In spite of genetic evidence of Ca(2+)-binding motifs in its sequence, conflicting results are found in the literature on the requirement of divalent cations for the membranolytic activity of the toxin. Moreover, Ca(2+)-binding sites have not been characterized to date in the native protein. The results in this paper show that when Ca2+ levels are kept sufficiently low during… CONTINUE READING


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