The big picture

  title={The big picture},
  author={S. Carroll},
EvoDevo: An Ongoing Revolution?
Since its appearance, Evolutionary Developmental Biology (EvoDevo) has been called an emerging research program, a new paradigm, a new interdisciplinary field, or even a revolution. Behind theseExpand
Interdependence, Morality and Human-Machine Teams: The Revenge of the Dualists
Experience teaches that appearances can mislead, that deception frequents human affairs and that even reliable people misbehave. But for social scientists, based on their idea that the convergence ofExpand
Falsification Experiments for Spacetime Theories from the Neurological Sciences
One difficulty with spacetime theories is the absence of falsifications tests. Because the observer is part of quantum mechanics (QM) and therefore an obligatory part of cosmological theories thatExpand
Molecular evolution across the Asteraceae: micro- and macroevolutionary processes.
The results indicate that patterns of molecular change across the Asteraceae are surprisingly consistent on a macroevolutionary timescale and much more so more than would be predicted from the analysis of one (or many) examples of microevolution. Expand
Cultural evolution is not equivalent to Darwinian evolution
The difficulty with linking Darwinian evolution to structural properties of cultural constructs is exemplified with kinship terminologies, a cultural construct that structures and delineates the domain of kin in human societies. Expand
The tangled nature model as an evolving quasi-species model
We show that the tangled nature model can be interpreted as a general formulation of the quasi-species model by Eigen et al in a frequency-dependent fitness landscape. We present a detailedExpand
Intraspecific variation in limblessness in vertebrates: a unique example of microevolution
A statistical analysis of metric variables of some species of the African catfish family, Clariidae, suggests that fin reduction occurs at the microevolutionary level as well, and Pelvic fin loss appears to precede pectoral fin reduction during evolution. Expand