The bicoid-related Pitx gene family in development

  title={The bicoid-related Pitx gene family in development},
  author={Philip J. Gage and Hoonkyo Suh and Sally A Camper},
  journal={Mammalian Genome},
The important roles of homeobox genes in development of the hindbrain and axial body are well established. More recently, it has become clear that certain subfamilies of homeobox genes play particularly important roles in the development of more anterior structures. These have included the paired gene family in the eye (Gehring, 1996; Hanson and Van Heyningen, 1995; Macdonald and Wilson, 1996; Wehr and Gruss, 1996), the orthodenticleand distallessgene families in the foreand midbrains (Acampora… CONTINUE READING
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