The beta-thalassemia mutation spectrum in the Iranian population.

  title={The beta-thalassemia mutation spectrum in the Iranian population.},
  author={Hossein Najmabadi and Roxana Karimi-Nejad and Solmaz Sahebjam and Farzin Pourfarzad and Shahram Teimourian and Farhad Sahebjam and Naser Amirizadeh and Mohammad Hassan Karimi-Nejad},
  volume={25 3},
Beta-thalassemia is the most common hereditary disease in Iran. More than two million carriers of beta-thalassemia live in Iran. Since the Iranian population is a mixture of different ethnic groups, it is necessary to determine the frequency and distribution of mutations in the different parts of the country. For this purpose, we divided Iran in to eight different regions according to the geographic and ethnic distribution of the population. Over a 10-year period 1,217 beta-thalassemia… CONTINUE READING


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