The beneficial role of memory reactivation for language learning during sleep: A review

  title={The beneficial role of memory reactivation for language learning during sleep: A review},
  author={T. Schreiner and B. Rasch},
  journal={Brain and Language},
  • T. Schreiner, B. Rasch
  • Published 2017
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Brain and Language
  • HighlightsSleep is essential for divers aspects of language learning.Inducing memory reactivations by cueing enhances foreign vocabulary learning.We review models and findings on the impact of reactivations on language learning.A working model concerning oscillations and reactivation processes is provided. Abstract Sleep is essential for diverse aspects of language learning. According to a prominent concept these beneficial effects of sleep rely on spontaneous reactivation processes. A series… CONTINUE READING

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