The battle for democracy

  title={The battle for democracy},
  author={Rexford Guy Tugwell},
Karl Marx's sociological theory of democracy: Civil society and political rights
The Doctrine of the Rule of Law; a Necessity to Democratic Governance
The concept of democracy ought to be approached by examining its essentials. Democracy expresses both principles and ideals. That is, principles, which those who believe in democracy wish to be given
The Image of the Institution
Problem, research strategy, and findings: How do we make coherent urban plans in an incoherent institutional setting? How are institutions born, how do they evolve? Can they be meaningfully reformed?
Tracks of the third wave: democracy theory, democratisation and the dilemma of political succession in Africa
The sweep of the third-wave moment of democratic impulses through Africa saw mass movements against authoritarian rule and the demand for liberalisation of political spaces. Ruling-group compromises
Politics as a craft: the equal advancement and consideration of interests
This thesis aims to provide a frame work by which citizens in a democracy can become empowered and take ownership of their democratic institutions and the public sphere in which they discuss solving
Planning and community development: case studies
Planning and Comunity Development: Case Studies, presents the findings of the inter-university Seminar held on 28?29 July 2011 and organized by researchers from the Technical University of Madrid and
Rural Development as “Working With People”: a proposal for policy management in public domain
Development concept is frequently used in recent decades to replace the term progress, which became from oldest and one-way approaches. Development of people is understood as a complex process that
Building the Absent Argument: The Impact of Anti-Communism on the Development of Marxist Historical Analysis within the Historical Profession of the United States, 1940-1960
Dr. Douglas Forsyth, Advisor This study poses the question as to why Marxism never developed in the United States as a method of historical analysis until the mid-1960s. In this regard, the only