The basis of the abused abuser theory of pedophilia: A further elaboration on an earlier study

  title={The basis of the abused abuser theory of pedophilia: A further elaboration on an earlier study},
  author={Kurt Freund and Michael E. Kuban},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
The connection between the retrospective self-report of sexual abuse in child-hood by an adult person, and (i) erotically preferred age bracket and (ii) type of offense, was investigated in 303 heterosexual males. This group consisted of 83 pedophilic sex offenders against female children, 52 sex offenders against female children who erotically preferred adult women, 34 sex offenders against adult women, and 134 volunteer controls. An earlier exploratory investigation with somewhat smaller… 

Victim to Victimizer: The Psychology of Isomorphism in a Case of a Recidivist Pedophile in Finland

ABSTRACT An extreme case of a six victim, 38-year-old recidivist sex offender was selected for examining the isomorphic relationships between child sexual abuse trauma and adult sex offenses. This

Priests Who Abuse and Were Abused: Understanding Victimization in the Catholic Church

Abstract Little research to date has examined the relevance of abuse history for distinct types of offenders. This study compared clerics who were abused in childhood with clerics who were not abused

Childhood sexual victimization, pedophilic interest, and antisocial orientation

According to the sexually abused-abuser hypothesis, childhood sexual victimization (CSV) among males increases the likelihood of later sexual offending against children. Why CSV is related to sexual


The present findings replicate the elevated rate of childhood sexual abuse found among pedophiles and are consistent with the notion of a causative relationship between early childhood abuse and later pedophilic behavior.

I was like a kid full of revenge: self-reported reasons for sexual offending by men who were sexually abused as children

ABSTRACT It is widely acknowledged that the rate of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) reported by men who sexually offend is elevated relative to the general population. The idea of a “sexually

Developmental Factors in Adolescent Child Sexual Offenders

Scholars have studied developmental factors relevant to adult sex offenders. These factors, however, have not been of interest so far in the area of adolescent sexual offenders. Given the paucity of

Pedophilic Disorder

Pedophilia, or a sexual interest in young children, has long been recognized as unusual and deviant, often linked with sexual behaviors involving youth and prepubescent children. Even early cultures

Heterosexual Male Perpetrators of Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Preliminary Neuropsychiatric Model

This paper presents data from a series of prelimary neuropsychiatric studies, including neuropsychological, personality, sexual history, plethysmographic and neuroimaging investigations, on a sample



Does sexual abuse in childhood cause pedophilia: An exploratory study

Analysis of self-reports confirmed that the proportion of pedophiles who report having been sexually abused in childhood by mature persons is larger than that of men who were not charged for or accused of a sex offense against a child though the difference is relatively small.

The Abused/Abuser Hypothesis of Child Sexual Abuse: A Critical Review of Theory and Research

A widespread belief among the general public and professionals alike is that “sexual abuse causes sexual abuse” (Finkelhor et al., 1986; Kempe and Kempe, 1984; Lanyon, 1986). That is, sexually abused

Legal, social, and biological definitions of pedophilia

It is argued that a distinction should be made between biological children and sociolegal children, and that “True” pedophiles should be identified by their preference for biological children.

Motivational Intent in the Sexual Assault of Children

This study analyzes 74 preadult victims' accounts of sexual assault and 137 convicted child offenders' accounts of sexual assault. Two types of child assault were identified: sex-pressure, which was

Diagnosing homo- or heterosexuality and erotic age-preference by means of a psychophysiological test.

  • K. Freund
  • Medicine
    Behaviour research and therapy
  • 1967

Mapping the Boundaries of Courtship Disorder

The courtship disorder hypothesis maintains that voyeurism, exhibitionism, toucheurism‐frotteurism, and the preferential rape pattern are expressions of the same disorder (courtship disorder).

Assessment of the sensitivity and specificity of a phallometric test: An update of phallometric diagnosis of pedophilia.

The specificity and sensitivity of the phallometric test of an erotic preference for minors was assessed. The specificity was determined to be 96.9% if using a group of sex offenders against female

Social Class and Mental Illness: A Community Study.

The ten-year collaborative research directed by Hollingshead and Redlich has already produced some twenty-five papers; and the general drift of their work is very well known, but in "Social Class and Mental Illness" most of the major data are given for the first time in detail.

Pedophilia and Exhibitionism