The banality of education policy: Discipline as extensive evil in the neoliberal era

  title={The banality of education policy: Discipline as extensive evil in the neoliberal era},
  author={Ma Clarke and Charlotte Haines Lyon and Emma Walker and Linda Walz and Jordi Collet-Sab{\'e} and Kate Pritchard},
  journal={Power and Education},
  pages={187 - 204}
Education is usually considered a force for good, associated with hope and optimism about better individual and social futures. Yet a case can be made that education and education policy in recent decades, far from being a force for good, has had nefarious effects at multiple levels. This can be seen in the growing alienation of significant numbers of teachers and students in disparate global contexts and in the growth of authoritarian models of schooling, involving ‘zero-tolerance’, ‘no… 
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