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The avifauna of Mount Katanglad

  title={The avifauna of Mount Katanglad},
  author={Sidney Dillon Ripley and Dioscoro S. Rabor},
The Avifauna of Mt. Kitanglad, Bukidnon Province, Mindanao, Philippines
Abstract Intensive inventory work on the Mt. Kitanglad massif of north-central Mindanao, Bukidnon Province, Republic of the Philippines, revealed a diverse avifauna. In all, 198 bird species were
The Mammals of Mt. Kitanglad Nature Park, Mindanao, Philippines
It is concluded that all three rainforest types, at all elevations, are important to the success of the park as a biological reserve and Habitat destruction, especially of lowland rainforest, threatens the mammals in the Kitanglad Range as well as the economic and social stability of the human population of northern Mindanao.
New records and range extensions of birds from Timor, Alor and Rote
The Lesser Sundas Region continues to be widely unexplored even in such relatively well-known animal groups as birds (Aves). We report the results of an ornithological expedition from November
The phylogenetic relationships and generic limits of finches (Fringillidae).
Non-Volant Mammals of Mt. Hamiguitan, Eastern Mindanao, Philippines
At least two species from the montane forest, based on preliminary examination, are potentially new to science, highlighting the importance of Mt. Hamiguitan as a unique center of endemism in the Philippines.
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  • Biology
    European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology
  • 2004
Although some species (pigeons) are weakly endowed, all evidence indicates that olfactory perception is well developed in these and probably in many other species of birds.
A new species of woodcock (Aves: Scolopacidae) from the Philippines and a re-evaluation of other Asian/Papuasian woodcock
A new species of woodcock known from central and northern Luzon and from four mountains on Mindanao is described and the validity of the two recognized subspecies of the Sulawesi Woodcock is confirmed, leading to the conclusion that the two formerly recognized sub Species should be considered full species.
New Aethopyga sunbirds (Aves : Nectariniidae) from the Island of Mindanao, Philippines
-We describe a new species of sunbird, Aethopyga linaraborae, known from Mt. Mayo, Mt. Puting Bato, and Mt. Pasian, all part of an isolated range of mountains in eastern Mindanao, Philippines. It