The autoregulation of a eukaryotic DNA transposon

  title={The autoregulation of a eukaryotic DNA transposon},
  author={Corentin Claeys Bouuaert and Karen Lipkow and Steven S. Andrews and Danxu Liu and Ronald F. Chalmers},
How do DNA transposons live in harmony with their hosts? Bacteria provide the only documented mechanisms for autoregulation, but these are incompatible with eukaryotic cell biology. Here we show that autoregulation of Hsmar1 operates during assembly of the transpososome and arises from the multimeric state of the transposase, mediated by a competition for binding sites. We explore the dynamics of a genomic invasion using a computer model, supported by in vitro and in vivo experiments, and show… CONTINUE READING

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The struggle for life of the genome’s selfish architects

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