The attempt of Nikolai Koltzoff (Koltsov) to link genetics, embryology and physical chemistry

  title={The attempt of Nikolai Koltzoff (Koltsov) to link genetics, embryology and physical chemistry},
  author={Michel Morange},
  journal={Journal of Biosciences},
  • M. Morange
  • Published 14 June 2011
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Biosciences
From Template Principle of Nikolai K. Koltzov to the Double Helix Model of DNA Structure
Abstract The “Omnis molecule ex molecule” idea of the template principle for the hereditary molecule’s replication is one of the most significant predictions of N.K. Koltzov. This idea found little
What history tells us XXXVIII. Resurrection of a transient forgotten model of gene action
It is demonstrated that the work of Beadle and Ephrussi was supported by a model that is totally different from the one that finally emerged from their work, which found support in the scientific context of the 1930s.
Sergei Chetverikov (1880–1959)
Chetverikov was a Russian geneticist and lepidopterologist, who significantly contributed to the growth of Darwinian evolutionary theory and made important conceptual contributions to population genetics and evolutionary theory.
The pushback against state interference in science: how Lysenkoism tried to suppress Genetics and how it was eventually defeated.
The key events in the history of attempts to pushback against state interference in science, and to promote the development of genetics and molecular biology, are described in this paper.
Paradoxes of Plant Epigenetics
  • T. Ezhova
  • Biology
    Russian Journal of Developmental Biology
  • 2021
The review discusses the molecular genetic mechanisms that cause a paradoxical combination of the stability and lability properties of epigenetic modifications and underlie the polyvariance of ontogenesis.
Is There an Explanation for … the Diversity of Explanations in Biological Studies?
The multiplicity of explanations in the biological sciences has already been amply discussed by philosophers of science. The field of Evo-Devo has been a focus of much attention, with the obvious


Embryology And Genetics
Embryology and genetics , Embryology and genetics , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
Some European Contributions to the Prehistory of Molecular Biology
This is an account of the first meetings of geneticists and crystallographers addressed to the nature of chromosome and gene.
The Pattern of Proteins
ANY theory as to the structure of the molecule of simple native protein must take account of a number of facts, including the following:
From Epigenesis to Epigenetics
Today's epigenetics more and more offers the possibility to enfeeble biological thinking in terms of genes only, as it expands the gene‐centric view in biology by introducing a flexible and pragmatically oriented hierarchy of crucial genomic contexts that go beyond the organism.
From epigenesis to epigenetics: the case of C. H. Waddington.
The meaning of the Waddingtonian equation is explored, which holds that epigenesis + genetics = epigenetics, and refers in retrospect to the debate on epigenesis versus preformationism in neoclassical embryology.
The Changing Concept of Epigenetics
Recognizing that there are epigenetic inheritance systems through which non‐DNA variations can be transmitted in cell and organismal lineages broadens the concept of heredity and challenges the widely accepted gene‐centered neo‐Darwinian version of Darwinism.
Cycles of Contingency: Developmental Systems and Evolution
The book provides historical background to DST, recent theoretical findings on the mechanisms of heredity, applications of the DST framework to behavioural development, implications of DST for the philosophy of biology, and critical reactions to D ST.
Artificial Control of Sex in the Progeny of Mammals
There is only one way of controlling the sex of progeny in mammals, namely, by separating the male-d determining from the female-determining spermatozoa.
Thomas Hunt Morgan : the man and his science
The Description for this book, Thomas Hunt Morgan: The Man and His Science, will be forthcoming.
The Eighth Day of Creation: Makers of the Revolution in Biology
Stratagene's new sequencing system cuts both electrophoresis and gel drying times in half, so researchers using the system have found they have more time available to meet their research goals.