The athlete's heart: a contemporary appraisal of the 'Morganroth hypothesis'.

  title={The athlete's heart: a contemporary appraisal of the 'Morganroth hypothesis'.},
  author={Louise Haleh Naylor and Keith George and Gerry O'driscoll and Daniel John Green},
  journal={Sports medicine},
  volume={38 1},
As early as 1975, Morganroth and colleagues hypothesized that the cardiac morphological adaptation observed in athletes corresponded with the nature of the haemodynamic stimulus imposed on the ventricles during repeated exercise bouts. Endurance training purportedly leads to an eccentric form of cardiac hypertrophy, principally characterized by increased left ventricular (LV) cavity dimension, and thus LV mass (LVM), as a consequence of prolonged repetitive volume overload. In contrast… CONTINUE READING