The asymptotics of ECH capacities

  title={The asymptotics of ECH capacities},
  author={Daniel Cristofaro-Gardiner and Michael Hutchings and Vinicius G. B. Ramos},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
In a previous paper, the second author used embedded contact homology (ECH) of contact three-manifolds to define “ECH capacities” of four-dimensional symplectic manifolds. In the present paper we prove that for a four-dimensional Liouville domain with all ECH capacities finite, the asymptotics of the ECH capacities recover the symplectic volume. This follows from a more general theorem relating the volume of a contact three-manifold to the asymptotics of the amount of symplectic action needed… 
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The ECH capacities are a sequence of numerical invariants of symplectic four-manifolds which give (sometimes sharp) obstructions to symplectic embeddings. These capacities are defined using embedded
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  • W. Sun
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Research Letters
  • 2019
In [1], Cristofaro-Gardiner, Hutchings and Ramos proved that embedded contact homology (ECH) capacities of a 4-dimensional symplectic manifold can recover the volume. In particular, a certain
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Author(s): Cristofaro-Gardiner, Daniel A. | Advisor(s): Hutchings, Michael | Abstract: This dissertation is a collection of four papers involving embedded contact homology (ECH). ECH is a
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  • M. Hutchings
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 2011
Numerical invariants defined using embedded contact homology give general obstructions to symplectic embeddings in four dimensions which turn out to be sharp in the above cases.
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