The asymmetric sandwich theorem

  title={The asymmetric sandwich theorem},
  author={Stephen Simons},
  journal={Journal of Convex Analysis},
  • S. Simons
  • Published 29 August 2011
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Convex Analysis
Author(s): Simons, S | Abstract: We discuss the asjTnmetric sandwich theorem, a generalization of the Hahn-Banach theorem. As appUcations, we derive various results on the existence of linear fanctionals that include bivariate, trivariate and quadrivariate generalizations of the Fenchel duahty theorem. Most of the results are about afhne functions defined on convex subsets of vector spaces, rather than Unear functions defined on vector spaces. We consider both results that use a simple… 
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In supernova (SN) spectroscopy relatively little attention has been given to the properties of optically thick spectral lines in epochs following the photosphere’s recession. Most treatments and
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= y and π E (x, x * ) := x. If λ>0 λ π F dom g − Cπ E dom f is a closed linear subspace of F then
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