The astronomical unit gets fixed

  title={The astronomical unit gets fixed},
  author={G. Brumfiel},
Earth–Sun distance changes from slippery equation to single number. 
Stochastic optimization of asteroid three-dimensional trajectory transfer
An approach to designing near-optimal nonplanar transfer trajectories for asteroids is introduced, taking into account the uncertainty in asteroid parameters, and a Monte Carlo analysis is employed to investigate the redirection maneuver in light of the expected variation in parameters. Expand
Determination of distances and sizes of visible objects using a plane transparent glass plate
Abstract A novel approach for the determination of distances and sizes of the different visible objects has been proposed. Accordingly, an experimental set up has been designed. This method is cheap,Expand
Analysis of Nucleosome Mobility, Fragility, and Recovery: From Embryonic Stem Cells to Invitrosomes
Three separate hypothesis-driven investigations into nucleosome positioning and phasing within closely related cells lines yielded separate results, and a novel method was generated that significantly reduces data loss in in vitro nucleosite reconstitution experiments caused by nucleosom fragment-end bias. Expand