The association of HLA-B8 with visceral disease in systemic sclerosis.

  title={The association of HLA-B8 with visceral disease in systemic sclerosis.},
  author={P. T. Hughes and Keith Gelsthorpe and R W Doughty and Nicholas Rowell and F D Rosenthal and I B Sneddon},
  journal={Clinical and experimental immunology},
  volume={31 3},
Seventy-one patients with systemic sclerosis (SS) were typed for twenty-seven HLA alleles of the A and B loci, and the findings were related to both the extent of visceral disease and tests of cellular immune competence in a subgroup of fifty-two of these patients. Nineteen pa;ients with widespread visceral involvement and more rapidly progressive disease had an increased frequency of HLA-B8 (relative risk = 4.14; P less than 0.05) when compared to thirty-three less severely affected patients… CONTINUE READING

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