The assignment of PRKCI to bovine chromosome 1q34→q36 by FISH suggests a new assignment to human chromosome 3

  title={The assignment of PRKCI to bovine chromosome 1q34→q36 by FISH suggests a new assignment to human chromosome 3},
  author={Marcos De Donato and D.S. Gallagher Jr. and Scott K. Davis and David M. Stelly and J.F. Taylor},
  journal={Cytogenetic and Genome Research},
  pages={79 - 81}
Two bovine BAC clones were identified by PCR as containing the bovine gene PRKCI. Both clones were assigned by FISH to bands q34→q36 on BTA1. The sequence information derived from genomic DNA and from both clones was identical and showed a high degree of homology to human PRKCI (HSAXq21.3, 95.5% homology), and mouse Prkcl (MMU3, 13.8 cM, 87.6% homology) and rat Prkcl (88.8% homology). This assignment could suggest a disruption of the synteny conservation of mammalian X-linked genes, but most… 
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