The art of shoe-throwing: shoes as a symbol of protest and popular imagination

  title={The art of shoe-throwing: shoes as a symbol of protest and popular imagination},
  author={Yasmin Ibrahim},
  journal={Media, War \& Conflict},
  pages={213 - 226}
  • Y. Ibrahim
  • Published 1 August 2009
  • Political Science
  • Media, War & Conflict
The art of shoe-throwing has captured popular imagination and is here to stay as a form of popular political protest. In a recent incident, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao became a near-victim of a notorious flying shoe during his visit to London in February 2009. Shoe-throwing has become a celebrated art form ever since an Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at then US President George W. Bush, eternally sealing Bush's last presidential moments with the iconic image of the shoe. Popular acts of… 
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