The art of fasting : Benin's ague ceremony

  title={The art of fasting : Benin's ague ceremony},
  author={Kathy Curnow},
  journal={African Arts},
Alors que la colonisation britannique du Nigeria etait deja decidee, en 1897 le consul general britannique R. Phillips desirait se rendre a la ville de Benin en janvier et en fut empeche par les autorites locales Oba qui indiquerent que le rituel Ague, se deroulant pendant la meme periode, imposait une complete isolation et l'interdiction de toute visite. Les cultes Ague celebrent l'igname et le pouvoir dynastique, et sont marquees par une longue periode d'abstinence et de sobriete. Ces… Expand
Between the Ogiso and Oba Dynasties: An Interpretation of Interregnum in the Benin Kingdom
The evidence for the period separating the times of the two Benin dynasties, that of the ogiso and that of the oba, is extremely scanty and does not look very trustworthy. There are not even anyExpand
Advent of the Second (Oba) Dynasty: Another Assessment of a Benin History Key Point*
There is no other theme in precolonial Benin Kingdom studies around which so many lances have been broken as that of consolidation of the present-day Second (Oba) dynasty and the person of itsExpand
African Visual Cultures and Colonial Histories: An Expanding Field
| african arts WINTER 2019 VOL. 52, NO. 4 This introduction has two aims: It provides an overview of this special issue’s explorations of art produced in and emerging from colonial contexts, and itExpand
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The arts of Nigeria are among the most studied of all African arts and yet there are still exceptional works about which we know very little. In this paper we offer an investigation of copper alloyExpand
Towards “Radical Contemporaneity” in African Art History
The discourse on African art history since the mid-1980s has been characterized by a division of the scholarship between “contemporary” art and coeval “traditional” art.1 This partition is based uponExpand


Practice and Agency in Mammy Wata Worship in Southern Nigeria
Dans les langues vernaculaires pidgin d'Afrique Occidentale, le terme Mammy Wata designe un complexe de croyances et de pratiques mettant en scene les esprits de l'eau qui favorisent la chance ouExpand
Continuity and Change: The Ivories of Ovonramwen and Eweka II
Le pillage des objets d'art du Benin, initie des la fin du XIX e siecle avec la conquete coloniale britannique, montre que de nombreux objets en ivoire sculpte appartenaient a l'autel des ancetres duExpand
Casting Identities in Contemporary Benin City
Au Benin, l'art de la fonte en bronze a suscite de nombeuses etudes depuis la fin du XIX e siecle, marquee par la conquete coloniale britannique, et represente dans les musees a travers le mondeExpand
Today, the 38th Oba of Benin, Omo N'Oba N'Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, is the traditional ruler of some 2 million Edo‐speaking peoples whose homelands are in southwestern Nigeria. A tropical forest kingdom,Expand
A Benin Bronze Horseman at the Merseyside County Museum
A propos d'une statuette recemment acquise par le musee anglais. Comparaison avec les statuettes de meme type possedees par d'autres musees. Signification de l'attirail rituel du cheval et de sonExpand
Kingship Succession Rituals in Benin. 3: The Coronation of the Oba
As the eldest son of the late Oba, Prince Akenzua had earlier been invested as the Edaiken of Benin (see Part 1 of this series, November 1983), a title that officially acknowledged his right to theExpand
Benin art revisited: Photographs and museum collections
Sometimes surprising results were obtained in doing ethnographic fieldwork among the Benin people of southern Nigeria by using photographs of art objects seized by a British military expeditionaryExpand
Popular Culture in Africa: Findings and Conjectures
One effect of specialization in the field of African Studies has been to prevent or hinder the study of subjects which, by their very nature, demand interdisciplinary interests and competences.Expand
Casting Identities in Contemporary Benin
  • 1997