The armored dinosaurs

  title={The armored dinosaurs},
  author={K. Carpenter},
  • K. Carpenter
  • Published 2001
  • History
  • Foreword - Walter P. Coombs, Jr.: an Affectionate Perspective. Margery Chalifoux Coombs. Part I. Thyreophorans Scelidosaurus, the Earliest Complete Dinosaur David B. NormanTooth Wear and Possible Jaw Action of Scelidosaurus harrisonii Owen and a Review of Feeding Mechanisms in Other Thyreophoran Dinosaurs Paul M. BarrettPart II. Stegosauria New Primitive Stegosaur From The Morrison Formation, Wyoming Kenneth Carpenter, Clifford A. Miles, and Karen ClowardOthniel Charles Marsh and the Myth of… CONTINUE READING
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    Preface: Symposium on Stegosauria proceedings
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    Dinosaurs of Great Britain and the role of the Geological Society of London in their discovery: Ornithischia
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