The architecture of Islamic public baths of North Africa and the Middle East: an analysis of their internal spatial configurations

  title={The architecture of Islamic public baths of North Africa and the Middle East: an analysis of their internal spatial configurations},
  author={Magda Sibley and Iain Jackson},
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The hammams (or Islamic bath-houses), commonly known as ‘Turkish baths’, are one of the key urban facilities in Islamic cities. They evolved from the Roman and Byzantine public baths, as these were assimilated when the Umayyad dynasty conquered Byzantine territories in the Middle East between AD 661 and 750. Early hammams were built in the eighth century by the Umayyad rulers who established their capital in Damascus. The most famous ones are Qusayr Amra, in today's north-eastern desert of… 

A Look at the Architectural Cultural Exchange Between East and West During the Yuan and Ming Dynasties from the Brick-Vaulted Bathroom Outside Nanjing’s Zhonghua Gate – A Secondary Publication

There is a brick-vault roofed bathroom building, commonly known as the Cistern Hall (Wengtang), opposite the Grand Baoen Temple Heritage and Scenic Area near the Zhonghua Gate in Nanjing. This

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Looking after one’s health and personal hygiene is crucial for the sanity of our minds and souls. Egyptians have always been fastidious about their health and cleanliness since the dawn of history.

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Led since 2008, the archaeological researches at Qalhāt (Qalhāt Project/Qalhāt Development Project), in the South Sharqiyah Governorate of Oman, delivered the vestiges of a whole port city of the

Eco-Hammam: The Complexity of Accelerating the Ecological Transition of a Key Social Heritage Sector in Morocco

Hammams are key providers of affordable hygiene and wellbeing services for the less wealthy in the Maghreb region. However, the UN climate change conference COP22, held in Marrakech in 2016,

Let There Be Light! Investigating Vernacular Daylighting in Moroccan Heritage Hammams for Rehabilitation, Benchmarking and Energy Saving

This paper provides the first study of vernacular daylighting provision in Moroccan heritage public bathhouses in order to rehabilitate it for experiential authenticity, energy saving and improved

Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine Primary Methods in Applied Therapy

A taxonomy of applied therapies is developed by denoting each as a primary or supportive method and providing a definition for each category of methods, and defines applied therapy as techniques or procedures involving physical and manual contact with the individual that are aimed at restoring health and preventing illness.



The Islamic baths of Palestine

This volume is the first full-length scholarly study ever to be published about Islamic steam baths in Palestine. The steam bath, or hammam, has been a feature of life in Islamic cities since the

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Based on over ten years' fieldwork by the author, this comprehensive two-volume study of Roman baths should be an indispensable reference work for students of classical antiquity, as well as students

A short account of early Muslim architecture

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