The aquaporin zero puzzle.

  title={The aquaporin zero puzzle.},
  author={James Edwin Hall and Richard T. Mathias},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={107 1},
Aquaporin zero (AQP0) is a water channel expressed almost exclusively in fiber cells of the lens of the eye. There is a long-standing hypothesis that AQP0 functions as both a water channel and a cell-to-cell adhesion protein in the lens. This hypothesis was supported in 2004 by the observation of AQP0 mediated cell-to-cell junctions in the lens (1) and in 2013 by observation of in vitro AQP0-mediated cellto-cell adhesion (2). Absence of AQP0 or certain mutations in it lead to cataract and… CONTINUE READING


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