The approximation to algebraic numbers by rationals

  title={The approximation to algebraic numbers by rationals},
  author={F. Dyson},
  journal={Acta Mathematica},
  • F. Dyson
  • Published 1947
  • Mathematics
  • Acta Mathematica
Dyson's lemma with moving parts
In its original form [D], Dyson’s Lemma bounds the order of vanishing of a polynomial in two variables at a finite set of points and was used in studying rational approximations to a fixed algebraicExpand
Uma demonstração do teorema de Thue-Siegel-Dyson-Roth
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Given a smooth projective variety $X$ over a number field $k$ and $P\in X(k)$, the first author conjectured that in a precise sense, any sequence that approximates $P$ sufficiently well must lie on aExpand
Local positivity and effective Diophantine approximation
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Generalizations of the Gap Principle and the Thue-Siegel Principle, with Applications to Diophantine Equations
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Klaus Friedrich Roth. 29 October 1925 — 10 November 2015
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Approximation algebraischer Zahlen
ersetzt werden kann. Mit YIilfe hiervon bewies dann Thue seinen bekannten Satz: Bedeutet U (x, y) eine homogene biniire Form mit rationalen Koeffizienten, die nieht Potenz einer linearen oderExpand
Über Näherungswerte algebraischer Zahlen