The application of data mining techniques in financial fraud detection: A classification framework and an academic review of literature

  title={The application of data mining techniques in financial fraud detection: A classification framework and an academic review of literature},
  author={Eric W. T. Ngai and Yong Hu and Y. H. Wong and Yijun Chen and Xin Sun},
  journal={Decis. Support Syst.},

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Application of Data Mining Techniques for Financial Accounting Fraud Detection Scheme
The aim of this contribution is to show some data mining techniques for fraud detection and prevention with applications in credit card and telecommunications, within a business of mining the data to achieve higher cost savings, and also in the interests of determining potential legal evidence.
A Review of Financial Accounting Fraud Detection based on Data Mining Techniques
The findings of this review show that data mining techniques like logistic models, neural networks, Bayesian belief network, and decision trees have been applied most extensively to provide primary solutions to the problems inherent in the detection and classification of fraudulent data.
Machine Learning-Based Detection of Credit Card Fraud: A Comparative Study
The aim of this article is to review the existing techniques for fraudulent transactions detection in credit cards, with more focus on the techniques that are Machine Learning (ML) based and nature inspired-based.
A Comprehensive Study of Data Mining-based Financial Fraud Detection Research
This study reviews the implementation and efficiency of Data Mining Methods- Decision Trees, Artificial Neural Networks, Logistic Model, and Bayesian Belief Networks, which offer fundamental solutions to predicaments in detecting Financial Frauds.
Intelligent financial fraud detection: A comprehensive review
Computational Intelligence Models for Insurance Fraud Detection : A Review of a Decade of Research
This paper presents a review of the literature on the application of data mining techniques for the detection of insurance fraud and shows that automobile insurance fraud detection have also attracted a great deal of attention in recent years.
A Survey of Fraud Detection Research based on Transaction Analysis and Data Mining Technique
An overview of the research on data mining based fraud detection is provided and researches are classified under few criteria such as data set, data mining algorithm and viewpoint of research.
Financial Frauds: Data Mining based Detection – A Comprehensive Survey
The present survey analyses almost all published research work in the field of financial fraud detection for the period of 7 years starting from 2009 to help researchers in identifying the suitable variables and data mining techniques by providing the landscape of research platforms for detection of financial Fraud.
Detecting Financial Fraud Using Data Mining Techniques: A Decade Review from 2004 to 2015
This review provides a fast and easy-to-use source for both researchers and professionals, classifies financial fraud applications into a highlevel and detailed-level framework, shows the most significant data mining techniques in this domain, and reveals the most countries exposed to financial fraud.


Fraud Classification Using Principal Component Analysis of Ridits
With this technique, principal component analysis of RIDIT scores (PRIDIT), an insurance fraud detector can reduce uncertainty and increase the chances of targeting the appropriate claims so that an organization will be more likely to allocate investigative resources efficiently to uncover insurance fraud.
Data Mining techniques for the detection of fraudulent financial statements
Forecasting Fraudulent Financial Statements using Data Mining
This study indicates that the investigation of financial information can be used in the identification of FFS and underline the importance of financial ratios.
A Review of Data Mining-Based Financial Fraud Detection Research
An extensive review on literatures is conducted and a generic framework to guide the analysis is presented to help answer questions about how to detect financial statement frauds.
Distributed data mining in credit card fraud detection
The proposed methods of combining multiple learned fraud detectors under a "cost model" are general and demonstrably useful; the empirical results demonstrate that they can significantly reduce loss due to fraud through distributed data mining of fraud models.
A Comprehensive Survey of Data Mining-based Fraud Detection Research
Neural network detection of management fraud using published financial data
This paper uses Artificial Neural Networks to develop a model for detecting management fraud and uses a self organizing Artificial Neural Network (ANN) AutoNet in conjunction with standard statistical tools to investigate the usefulness of publicly available predictors of fraudulent financial statements.
Assessing the risk of management fraud through neural network technology
Key Words: Analytical auditing, Management fraud, Neural networks. Data Availability: A list of the public companies used to develop the matched fraud and nonfraud sample is available from the
Credit card fraud detection with a neural-network
  • Sushmito Ghosh, D. Reilly
  • Computer Science
    1994 Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • 1994
Using data from a credit card issuer, a neural network based fraud detection system was trained on a large sample of labelled credit card account transactions and tested on a holdout data set that