The application of FP-array in network learning mining


For the large visit of the network learning system and the difficulty of analyzing the correlation of learning behaviors, a high-performance mining algorithm based on FP-array is proposed. The paper also analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of FP-max based mining algorithm. This proposed algorithm could be used to the correlated data mining of the network learning behaviors to obtain the visit frequency of the learning resources, which helps to provide important reference to the improve the network learning system.

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@article{Luo2012TheAO, title={The application of FP-array in network learning mining}, author={Xingxian Luo and Zheng Zhang and Qin Wang}, journal={2012 International Symposium on Instrumentation & Measurement, Sensor Network and Automation (IMSNA)}, year={2012}, volume={2}, pages={498-501} }