The apelinergic system: a promising therapeutic target.

  title={The apelinergic system: a promising therapeutic target.},
  author={In{\^e}s Falc{\~a}o-Pires and Ricardo Ladeiras-Lopes and Adelino F Leite-Moreira},
  journal={Expert opinion on therapeutic targets},
  volume={14 6},
IMPORTANCE OF THE FIELD Apelin is a bioactive peptide known as the ligand of the G-protein-coupled receptor APJ. In recent years, there has been a growing body of evidence regarding the importance of apelin and APJ in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular, metabolic and gastrointestinal diseases, brain signalling, HIV infection and tumor angiogenesis. Therefore, the apelinergic system is involved in the pathogenesis of several diseases that represent a major burden to our society. AREAS… CONTINUE READING