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The anuran fauna of a West African urban area

  title={The anuran fauna of a West African urban area},
  author={N’Goran G. Kouam{\'e} and Caleb Ofori-Boateng and Gilbert B. Adum and Germain Gour{\`e}ne and Mark‐Oliver R{\"o}del},
—Reported are the results of an amphibian survey in the district of Daloa and surroundings, in central-western Ivory Coast. Spanning a three year period, we investigated two general areas, each during the rainy and dry seasons. During 62 days of field work 30 anuran species were recorded. The urban environment mainly contained widespread anuran species with preferences for savannah-dominated landscapes and farmbush habitats. The recorded total anuran species richness in the urban area exceeded… 
New record of a savannah frog, Amnirana galamensis (Anura: Ranidae), in a West Africa evergreen forest (Ivory Coast)
This study aimed to confirm the presence of Amnirana galamensis in the Taï National Park (a west Africa evergreen forest), and to collect additional data on ecology and morphology of these frogs. The
Feeding Habits of Two Sympatric Rocket Frogs (Genus Ptychadena) in a Forest Remnant of Southern-Central Ivory Coast, West Africa
The diet of Ptychadena oxyrhynchus and P. longirostris, two rocket frogs co-occurring along dirt roads with puddles in the Azagny National Park, southern-central Ivory Coast, was essentially characterized by various terrestrial invertebrates (predominantly insects) and both species can be considered opportunistic feeders.
Systematic inventory of anuran species (amphibians) in three agro-industrial zones in the Southeast of Cote d’Ivoire
Objective: The aim of this study was to make a systematic inventory of Anuran species in three agroindustrial zones of South-East Cote d'Ivoire, with a view to making a contribution to the knowledge
Nematode Parasites of Anurans from the Farm of the Banco National Park (South-Eastern Côte d’Ivoire)
This study proposes to know the parasitic Nematodes of the Anurans from the fish farm of the Banco National Park, south-eastern Cote d’Ivoire. Spanning a one year period (November 2016 to October
Germes Pathogènes Des Anoures d’Afrique De l’Ouest : Synthèse Bibliographique
In Benin, little scientific work has been done on the Anuran order and data are practically non-existent; this field deserves the attention of scientific research, therefore, in view of the protection of this much diversified group that constitute the anurans.
The anuran fauna in a protected West African rainforest and surrounding agricultural systems
—The conversion of tropical rain forests to agricultural systems is a major threat to tropical biodiversity. In West Africa, studies investigating the effects of this habitat conversion on


The anuran fauna of a Volunteer Nature Reserve: the Tanoé-Ehy Swamp Forests, south-eastern Ivory Coast, West Africa
An amphibian survey in the Tanoe-Ehy Swamp Forests, south-eastern Ivory Coast recorded at least 33 frog species, including a new record for the recently described Morerella cyanophthalma, which seems to be endemic to the southern Ivorian forests.
A preliminary assessment of the amphibians of the Fouta Djallon, Guinea, West Africa
Despite the generally high degradation level of forests in the Fouta Djallon, the investigated sites all still harboured typical forest frogs and thus may represent last islands of forest in a nowadays savanna dominated landscape, especially the forest surrounding the Saala Waterfalls.
Assessment of the amphibians in the forests of southern Ghana and western Togo
The fact that one third of the encountered amphibians were threatened highlights the importance of the forest ecosystems of southern Ghana and western Togo for the maintenance of the regional biodiversity, however, the results indicate the urgent need to protect these forests more efficiently.
The amphibian fauna of Pendjari National Park and surroundings, northern Benin
We present the results of the first comprehensive survey of the amphibian fauna of a savannah region in Benin, West Africa. We herein add 17 species to the countries' amphibian list: Bufo pentoni,
Biodiversity and conservation of the reptiles of the mount Cameroon area
A survey of reptiles was undertaken in the Mt. Cameroon region, Cameroon, recording 74 species of reptiles from 49 genera and 14 families, making this site among the richest in the country.
Amphibians and reptiles of the Tchabal Mbabo mountains, Adamaoua plateau, Cameroon
The findings increased the number of amphibian and reptile species known for the area to 15 each and discovered one recently described new frog species (Cardioglossa alsco) and found an additional six species of anurans and one lizard species which could not be assigned to any described species.
Biodiversity in a forest island: reptiles and amphibians of the West African Togo Hills
Our recent surveys of the herpetological diversity of the West African Togo Hills documented a total of 65 reptile and amphibian species, making Kyabobo National Park one of the most diverse sites
Biodiversity status of urban remnant forests in Cape coast, Ghana
Cape Coast Metropolis, which is close to Kakum forest, has its native forests being reduced to fragments. Biodiversity in these forest reserves are exposed to the threat of being cleared over night
Anuran amphibians in a rapidly changing environment – revisiting Lamto, Côte d'Ivoire, 40 years after the first herpetofaunal investigations
Surprisingly, the overall species richness and composition of the amphibian fauna changed only little; in particular the observation of decreasing numbers of Phrynobatrachus spp.
Geographical patterns of old and young species in African forest biota: the significance of specific montane areas as evolutionary centres
It is demonstrated that lowland areas which have been postulated as Pleistocene refugia are dominated by species which represent lineages of pre-Pleistocene age, and it is suggested that this reflects special intrinsic environmental properties of these areas, in the form of long-term environmental stability caused mainly by persistent orographic rain or mist.