The antidepressant -like effects of delta-opioid receptor agonists.

  title={The antidepressant -like effects of delta-opioid receptor agonists.},
  author={Emily M Jutkiewicz},
  journal={Molecular interventions},
  volume={6 3},
Activation of the delta-opioid receptor (DOR) system produces an interesting behavioral profile distinct from that of other opioids. Unlike mu- and kappa-opioid agonists, delta-opioid agonists alone have limited pain-relieving qualities as measured in morphine-sensitive antinociceptive assays. Recent evidence, however, suggests that the DOR system may play a role in regulating mood and emotional states. For example, DOR activation stimulates robust antidepressant-like effects in preclinical… CONTINUE READING


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