The antiangiogenic role of the pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-31

  title={The antiangiogenic role of the pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-31},
  author={Shiri Davidi and Ella Fremder and Tal Kan and Ziv Raviv and Michael Timaner and Nathan Karin and Dov Hershkovitz and Ami Arohneim and Yuval Shaked},
Pro-inflammatory cytokines in the tumor microenvironment are known for their ability to either inhibit or promote cancer progression. Here we evaluated the role of Interleukin-31 (IL31), a protein belonging to the pro-inflammatory IL-6 cytokine family which has been characterized in autoimmune disease, in tumorigenesis. We show that IL31 and its receptor, IL31RA, are highly expressed in various human and mouse cancer cell lines, as well as in tumor specimens from cancer patients. MC38 murine… CONTINUE READING