The anti-inflammatory effect of opioids.

  title={The anti-inflammatory effect of opioids.},
  author={Antonis Gavalas and Panayiotis Victoratos and Minas Yiangou and L Hadjipetrou-Kourounakis and Eleni Rekka and Panos N. Kourounakis},
  journal={The International journal of neuroscience},
  volume={74 1-4},
The anti-inflammatory activity of two novel opioids PM and PO as well as of pethidine was studied. The mouse paw edema, induced by various phlogistic agents, was significantly inhibited after the administration of opioids, fact that was independent of their antioxidant properties. The anti-inflammatory action of the above opioids was not reversed by naloxone. These results suggest that a variety of complex regulatory activities may be performed by opioid agonists via naloxone-sensitive or… CONTINUE READING

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