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The anolesp IIp The mainland species from México southward

  title={The anolesp IIp The mainland species from M{\'e}xico southward},
  author={Thomas Barbour},

A revision of the Central American species related to Anolis pentaprion with the resurrection of A. beckeri and the description of a new species (Squamata: Polychrotidae)

Based on differences in coloration, morphometrics, and scalation, seven species of anoles related to Anolis pentaprion in Central America are recognized and the name A. beckeri Boulenger is resurrected for the pentAPrion-like populations of anole distributed from southeastern Mexico to northern Nicaragua.

A Revision of the Anolis sericeus Complex with the Resurrection of A. wellbornae and the Description of a New Species (Squamata: Polychrotidae)

A new species of anole (genus Anolis) from Honduras formerly referred to as Anolis (or Norops) sericeus is described, and Anolis wellbornae is resurrected for the populations of anoles on the Pacific versant of Nuclear Central America.

Morphological variation in Norops capito (PETERS, 1863), a wide-spread species in southeastern Mexico and Central America

No individual or geographic variation is evident in hemipenis morphology among the material studied, and there is no evidence for cryptic species among the various populations of Norops capito.

Cryptic species and hybridization in the Anolis polylepis complex, with the description of a new species from the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica (Squamata: Polychrotidae)

The two species of anoles related to Anolis polylepis are recognized but show no discernable differences in external morphology and are considered to be cryptic species.

Anolis scypheus Cope, 1864 (Squamata, Dactyloidae) en Venezuela: confirmación de presencia y nuevos registros

Resumen. Anolis scypheus es un lagarto silvicola ampliamente distribuido en la Amazonia occidental. Esta especie fue reportada por primera vez para Venezuela hace medio siglo; no obstante, los

Resurrection of Anolis ustus Cope, 1864 from synonymy with Anolis sericeus Hallowell, 1856 (Squamata, Dactyloidae)

Based on a morphological analysis, the resurrection of the name Anolis ustus Cope 1864 is proposed for populations from the Yucatán Peninsula, formerly referred as Anolis sericeus Hallowell, 1856, and its importance in the taxonomy of Anolis is discussed.

Anolis boulengerianus Thominot, 1887, a senior synonym of Anolis isthmicus Fitch, 1978 (Squamata: Dactyloidae).

A redescription of the type series of Anolis boulengerianus and an updated diagnosis for this taxon relative to all other beta anoles is provided and A. isthmicus becomes a junior synonym of A. boulengersianus.

A revision of the Mexican Anolis (Reptilia, Squamata, Dactyloidae) from the Pacific versant west of the Isthmus de Tehuantepec in the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Puebla, with the description of six new species .

The species of anoles occurring along the Pacific versant of Mexico west of the Isthmus de Tehuantepec in the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, and Puebla are revised and a dichotomous key is provided for the identification of the 21 species.

A new species of the genus Norops from Darién, Panama, with comments on N. sulcifrons (Cope 1899) (Reptilia, Squamata, Dactyloidae).

In external morphology, Norops triumphalis is most similar to the species of the N. pentaprion group, except N. sulcifrons, which has a very large orange male dewlap and an unpigmented throat lining.

Evidence for the recognition of two species of Anolis formerly referred to as A. tropidogaster (Squamata: Dactyloidae)

Based on differences in hemipenial morphology, male dewlap coloration, pholidosis, and 16S mtDNA, we recognize twospecies of anoles related to what was formerly referred to as Anolis tropidogaster: