The ancient origins of prosthetic medicine

  title={The ancient origins of prosthetic medicine},
  author={Jacqueline Finch},
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Ingénierie tissulaire du ligament : association de copolymères dégradables et de cellules souches mésenchymateuses

L'ingenierie tissulaire est une discipline recente aux enjeux ambitieux et prometteurs : la regeneration de tissus ou d'organes leses voire detruits en mettant a profit des connaissances et

Towards Techno-human: A Brief History of Artificial Limbs and Organs

  • T. Bardakçı
  • Medicine
    International Journal of Human and Health Sciences (IJHHS)
  • 2022
While prostheses, implants, and complexly built artificial organs make the human body more technological and less biological, a new stage in the biography of the techno-human in which ‘enhancement’ rather than ‘treatment’ is at the forefront pushes the limits.

3D Computer-Aided Design Reconstructions and 3D Multi-Material Polymer Replica Printings of the First “Iron Hand” of Franconian Knight Gottfried (Götz) von Berlichingen (1480–1562): An Overview

Knight Gotz von Berlichingen (1480–1562) lost his right hand distal to the wrist due to a cannon ball splinter injury in 1504 in the Landshut War of Succession at the age of 24. Early on, Gotz

Team Approach to Prosthetic Prescription Decision-Making

This paper aims to review the key concepts in prosthetic limb prescription for adults with limb loss, including the benefits of a multidisciplinary team, as well as a growing body of comparative effectiveness literature for prosthetic componentry.

Past, Present, and Future of Soft‐Tissue Prosthetics: Advanced Polymers and Advanced Manufacturing

Traditional synthetic polymers and advanced prosthetic materials and manufacturing techniques are discussed, including a focus on prosthetic material degradation, in the context of specific tissues requiring aesthetic restoration.

Biomaterials and biocompatibility: an historical overview.

This review focuses on the characteristics and applications of biomaterials through the ages, ranging from the prehistoric times to the beginning of the era of modern medicine, which has been

Introductory Chapter: Past, Present, and Future of Prostheses and Rehabilitation

The quality of life post-rehabilitation does not solely depend on the abovementioned factors but also includes functional utility and satisfaction over time.

Review of functional materials for potential use as wearable infection sensors in limb prostheses

The integration of infection sensors in prostheses to detect and prevent infections is proposed to enhance quality of life of amputees and current techniques in the field of infection sensing are reviewed.

A Short Review on the Cost, Design, Materials and Challenges of the Prosthetics Leg Development and Usage

The use of prosthetic leg for human is discussed regarding the functional level, cost, materials, challenges, current researches and future recommendations for the research and development of prosthesis leg.



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A History of Limb Amputation

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