The analytical approach to the nature of lipofuscin (age pigment).

  title={The analytical approach to the nature of lipofuscin (age pigment).},
  author={Robert D. Jolly and David N Palmer and Rosalind R Dalefield},
  journal={Archives of gerontology and geriatrics},
  volume={34 3},
Analytical studies of three lipopigments show that much can be achieved. Lipopigment from ovine ceroid-lipofuscinosis is composed of discrete protein and lipid molecules in orderly arrays and lipid peroxidation is not involved in its formation. Subunit c of mitochondrial ATP synthase accounts for approximately 50% of accumulated material and is specific to the disease process in this and other forms of the disease. Lipofuscin from bovine heart was mostly soluble and also contained discrete… CONTINUE READING
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