The analysis and measurement of happiness as a sense of well-being

  title={The analysis and measurement of happiness as a sense of well-being},
  author={R. Kammann and M. Farry and P. Herbison},
  journal={Social Indicators Research},
General happiness is philosophically construed as a sense of well-being which in turn has been defined either as a complete and lasting satisfaction with life-as-a-whole or as a preponderance of positive over negative feelings. A factor analysis of thirteen well-being scales shows that these two definitions coalesce into a single general well-being factor which is distinguishable only from an independent stress/worries factor. Further evidence shows that familiar scales of neuroticism… Expand
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Happiness among dentists: a multi-scale, multi-national study from 21 countries.
Country of residence and social characteristics were associated with dentists' responses regarding their feelings and subjective well-being and were significant independent predictors of SHS, SWLS and ABS. Expand
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