The amygdala and autism: implications from non-human primate studies.

  title={The amygdala and autism: implications from non-human primate studies.},
  author={David G. Amaral and Melissa D. Bauman and Cynthia Mills Schumann},
  journal={Genes, brain, and behavior},
  volume={2 5},
Brothers (1990) has proposed that the amygdala is an important component of the neural network that underlies social behavior. Kemper and Bauman (1993) identified neuropathology in the amygdala of the postmortem autistic brain. These findings, along with recent functional neuroimaging data, have led Baron-Cohen et al. (2000) to propose that dysfunction of the amygdala may be responsible, in part, for the impairment of social behavior that is a hallmark feature of autism. Recent data from… CONTINUE READING


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