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The ameliorative effect of ozone therapy on spinal cord ischemia in rabbits

  title={The ameliorative effect of ozone therapy on spinal cord ischemia in rabbits},
  author={Tuncer Şimşek and Muserref Hilal Sehitoglu and Yasemin Y{\"u}ksel and Esra Aslan},
Tarik Akman1, Adem Bozkurt Aras1, Tuncer Şimşek2, Müşerref Hilal Şehitoğlu3, Yasemin Yüksel4, Esra Aslan5, Canan Akman6 1Department of Neurosurgery, Canakkale 18 March University School of Medicine, Canakkale, 2Department of Anesthesia and Reanimation, Canakkale 18 March University School of Medicine, Canakkale, 3Department of Medical Biochemistry, Canakkale 18 March University School of Medicine, Canakkale, 4Department of Histology and Embryology, Ankara Zekai Tahir Burak Women Health… Expand

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The results of this study suggest that ozonated autohemotherapy using an ozone concentration of 50 microg/ml does not induce an inflammatory response. Expand
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The ozone plus olive oil group could be considered to be an alternate therapy for skin ulcers due to DXR extravasation and the ulcer sizes clearly decreased in the study groups, including DMSO, olive oil, ozone plus coenzyme Q10, and ozoneplus olive oil groups. Expand
Protective effects of medical ozone combined with traditional Chinese medicine against chemically-induced hepatic injury in dogs.
Medical ozone combined with TCM YC could exert a protective effect on acute liver injury induced by CCl(4), and histopathology showed that hepatic injury in group O(3) + YC was less serious than those in the other four groups. Expand
[Effect of aloe polysaccharides pretreatment on the cerebral inflammatory response and lipid peroxidation in severe hemorrhagic shock rats first entering high altitude].
AP pretreatment can attenuate the cerebral ischemia and reperfusion injury in severe traumatic-hemorrhagic rats first entering high altitude through inhibiting systemic inflammatory response and leukocyte aggregation and lipid peroxidation in the brain. Expand
Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for Herniated Lumbar Disc in Patients with Subacute Partial Motor Weakness Due to Nerve Root Compression
  • M. Dall'olio, C. Princiotta, +5 authors M. Leonardi
  • Medicine
  • Interventional neuroradiology : journal of peritherapeutic neuroradiology, surgical procedures and related neurosciences
  • 2014
The results demonstrate that O2-O3 therapy can be considered a valid treatment option for this category of patients and are promising: 100% patients had a resolution of motor weakness, while 84.6% had complete pain relief. Expand
Prophylactic Ozone Administration Reduces Intestinal Mucosa Injury Induced by Intestinal Ischemia-Reperfusion in the Rat
In the present study, ozone therapy prevented intestine from ischemia reperfusion injury and had an effect improving IR associated tissue injury. Expand
Treatment of large lumbar disc herniation with percutaneous ozone injection via the posterior-lateral route and inner margin of the facet joint.
Percutaneous intradiscal ozone injection via the posterior-lateral route and inner margin of the facet joint is effective and safe for treatment of large lumbar disc herniation. Expand
To what extent does ozone therapy need a real biochemical control system? Assessment and importance of oxidative stress.
A system for oxidative stress diagnosis that can serve as a control system for systemic ozone therapy applications and shows the patient's redox status and estimation of the oxidative stress level, with this information being relevant regarding implications on dosage and therapeutic effectiveness of ozone therapy. Expand
Neutrophil function in ischemic heart disease.
Enhanced neutrophil function in patients with ischemic heart disease is shown, as manifested by morphologic changes in neutrophils and elastase release, which may relate to ongoing in vivo cellular activation. Expand
Scientific and medical aspects of ozone therapy. State of the art.
  • V. Bocci
  • Medicine
  • Archives of medical research
  • 2006
It is hoped that this report will open a dialogue among clinical scientists and will inform physicians about the beneficial effects of ozone therapy and clarify the biochemical and pharmacological mechanisms of action of ozone dissolved in biological fluids. Expand