The ameliorating effects of 5,7-dihydroxy-6-methoxy-2(4-phenoxyphenyl)-4H-chromene-4-one, an oroxylin A derivative, against memory impairment and sensorimotor gating deficit in mice

  title={The ameliorating effects of 5,7-dihydroxy-6-methoxy-2(4-phenoxyphenyl)-4H-chromene-4-one, an oroxylin A derivative, against memory impairment and sensorimotor gating deficit in mice},
  author={Xiaotong Liu and Sung In Hong and Se Jin Park and June Bryan I. de la Pe{\~n}a and Haiyan Che and Seo Young Yoon and Dong-Hyun Kim and Jong Min Kim and Mudan Cai and Victoria B. Risbrough and Mark A Geyer and Chan Young Shin and Jae Hoon Cheong and Haeil Park and Jae-hwan Lew and Jong Hoon Ryu},
  journal={Archives of Pharmacal Research},
We previously reported that oroxylin A, a γ-aminobutyric acid A (GABAA) receptor antagonist, ameliorates drugs-induced memory impairments. We synthesized several oroxylin A derivatives in efforts to find a substance that has pro-cognitive effects as well as improves sensorimotor gating. The aim of the present study is to investigate the effect of a novel oroxylin A derivative, 5,7-dihydroxy-6-methoxy-2(4-phenoxyphenyl)-4H-chromene-4-one (DMPC), on pharmacological models of schizophrenia, which… 

The effects of atomoxetine and methylphenidate on the prepulse inhibition of the acoustic startle response in mice

  • H. WooSe Jin Park J. Ryu
  • Biology, Psychology
    Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry
  • 2014

Biflorin Ameliorates Memory Impairments Induced by Cholinergic Blockade in Mice

It is suggested that biflorin ameliorates drug-induced memory impairment by modulation of protein kinase C-ζ signaling in mice, implying that b iflorin could function as a possible therapeutic agent for the treatment of cognitive problems.

Toll-like receptor-2 deficiency induces schizophrenia-like behaviors in mice

The data suggest that the dysregulation of the innate immune system by a TLR-2 deficiency may contribute to the development and/or pathophysiology of schizophrenia-like behaviors via Akt-GSK-3α/β signaling.

Enantioselective Organocatalyzed Synthesis of 2-Amino-3-cyano-4H-chromene Derivatives

This review covers the particular case of the asymmetric synthesis of 2-amino-3-cyano-4H-chromenes using organocatalysis and shows the most illustrative examples of the methods developed by diverse research groups following a classification based on these five different approaches.

Density Functional Theory-Based Quantum Rationalization of Flavones From Oroxylum indicum, their Correlation with Redox Effect, Molecular Interaction Studies and Osmotic Hemolysis

Four flavones (chrysin, baicalein, oroxylin A and hispidulin) characterized from ethanolic root extract of Oroxylum indicum (a traditional dietary nutraceutical supplement), were compared with both

Green approach for the synthesis of 4-coumarin-4H-pyrans from 4-formylcoumarins and their antibacterial study

ABSTRACT A series of 4H-pyranocoumarin derivatives have been successfully synthesized under eco-friendly condition using triethylamine as a catalyst in short reaction time with excellent yield at

The role of traditional Chinese herbal medicines and bioactive ingredients on ion channels: a brief review and prospect.

This review discusses recently available scientific evidences for TCMs and related bioactive compounds that have been reported with the modulatory effects on different ion channels, and thus provides a new ethnopharmacological approach to understand the usage of TCMs.

Cysteic acid grafted to magnetic graphene oxide as a promising recoverable solid acid catalyst for the synthesis of diverse 4H-chromene

4H-chromenes play a significant role in natural and pharmacological products. Despite continuous advances in the synthesis methodology of these compounds, there is still a lack of a green and



The NMDA positive modulatord-cycloserine potentiates the neuroleptic activity of D1 and D2 dopamine receptor blockers in the rat

The results strengthen the view that drugs which increase NMDA receptor function could be a useful supplement in the therapy of psychotic disorders.

The effect of a full agonist/antagonist of the D1 receptor on locomotor activity, sensorimotor gating and cognitive function in dizocilpine-treated rats.

Over-activation of D1Rs may exacerbate psychotic symptoms in patients with schizophrenia, and systematic administration at 0.1 mg/kg ameliorates cognitive dysfunction in this model of schizophrenia, but increases stereotypy and locomotor activity at higher doses.

The ameliorating effect of oroxylin A on scopolamine-induced memory impairment in mice

Repeated injection of MK801: An animal model of schizophrenia?

RG3487, a Novel Nicotinic α7 Receptor Partial Agonist, Improves Cognition and Sensorimotor Gating in Rodents

RG3487 is a novel and potent α7nAChR partial agonist that improves cognitive performance and sensorimotor gating and exhibits antagonist properties at the serotonin 3 receptor.

Convulsion-related activities of Scutellaria flavones are related to the 5,7-dihydroxyl structures.

GABAergic system and imipramine-induced impairment of memory retention in rats

The seed extract of Cassia obtusifolia ameliorates learning and memory impairments induced by scopolamine or transient cerebral hypoperfusion in mice.

It is suggested that COE attenuates memory impairment induced by scopolamine or 2VO and that these effects are mediated by enhancing the cholinergic nervous system via acetylcholinesterase inhibition.