The ambiguities of democratic autonomy: the Kurdish movement in Turkey and Rojava

  title={The ambiguities of democratic autonomy: the Kurdish movement in Turkey and Rojava},
  author={Michiel Leezenberg},
  journal={Southeast European and Black Sea Studies},
  pages={671 - 690}
  • M. Leezenberg
  • Published 1 October 2016
  • Political Science
  • Southeast European and Black Sea Studies
Abstract This paper traces the ideology of democratic autonomy, as developed by PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan from the libertarian and anarchist writings of Murray Bookchin, as an alternative to the authoritarian and centralist nation state, not only in the Kurdish-inhabited provinces, but in Turkey at large. It explores, first, the ideological underpinnings and second, the practical implementation of democratic autonomy both in south-eastern Turkey and in north-eastern Syria, or Rojava… 

Addressing the Kurdish Self-Determination Conflict: Democratic Autonomy and Authoritarianism in Turkey

This article examines the concepts of “democratic confederalism” and “democratic autonomy” as developed by the mainstream Kurdish movement in Turkey. It primarily focuses on the type of

Democratic Confederalism and Societal Multiplicity: A Sympathetic Critique of Abdullah Öcalan’s State Theory

ABSTRACT The Kurdish-led project of democratic confederalism in Rojava (north and north-east Syria) has emerged as an unprecedented experience in eco-feminist and anti-capitalist direct democracy

Approaches to Kurdish Autonomy in the Middle East

  • Cengiz Gunes
  • Political Science, Sociology
    Nationalities Papers
  • 2019
Abstract This article focuses on the approaches and challenges to Kurdish autonomy in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Accommodation of Kurdish rights via autonomy arrangements has a long history as an idea

Kurdish Women in Rojava: From Resistance to Reconstruction

In 2010, the imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan, PKK), Abdullah Ocalan, declared, “The freedom of the Kurdish people can be viewed as inseparably bound to

The Kurds and the “Others”: Kurdish Politics as an Inclusive, Multi-ethnic Vehicle in Turkey

  • William Gourlay
  • Sociology, Political Science
    Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs
  • 2018
Abstract Using ethnographic data gathered in Istanbul and Diyarbakır, this article examines the Kurdish political movement in Turkey and its relationship with other minorities. Turkey, built on a

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ABSTRACT Women have been central to the revolution in Rojava, leading to widespread interest in the Kurdish women’s movement across Western contexts. Yet Western mass media representations of women

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The Challenges of a Kurdish Ecofeminist Perspective: Maria Mies, Abdullah Öcalan, and the Praxis of Jineolojî

ABSTRACT Ecology, along with women’s liberation and radical democracy, is one of the major pillars of Democratic Confederalism, a new political paradigm developed by the Kurdish Freedom Movement

Alternative Political Projects of Territoriality and Governance during the Syrian War: The Caliphate Vs Democratic Confederalism

ABSTRACT Following the Arab Spring and the Syrian war, two non-state actors, the Islamic State (IS; also known as ISIS or ISIL) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD), deployed their political projects

Jin-jiyan-azadi. Matristic culture and Democratic Confederalism in Rojava

This article explores the significance of Jineolojî, an emancipatory praxis elaborated by the Kurdish Women’s Movement, for contemporary degrowth and pluriverse politics. Considering Jineolojî as the



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Larry Diamond is founding coeditor of the Journal of Democracy, se- nior fellow at the Hoover Institution and the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University, and

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tor of the affair, who in 1993 published a book about it, Betrayal, in which he admitted that he had access on behalf of WJC to the OSI Waldheim file. In response to a lawsuit, this finally compelled

Primitive Rebels or Revolutionary Modernisers? The Kurdish National Movement in Turkey

, I n :i\\oci;ite prol'rssor 0 1 ' history at Texas A&M University, Chester S. L. Dunning has \tiitlied the Time o f Trouhles I'or sonie twenty y a r s . His doctoral dissertation (Pittsburgh, 19x3)

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