The aging lacrimal gland: changes in structure and function.

  title={The aging lacrimal gland: changes in structure and function.},
  author={Eduardo Melani Rocha and Monica de Fatima Loureiro Alves and Jos{\'e} David R{\'i}os and Darlene Ann Dartt},
  journal={The ocular surface},
  volume={6 4},
The afferent nerves of the cornea and conjunctiva, efferent nerves of the lacrimal gland, and the lacrimal gland are a functional unit that works cooperatively to produce the aqueous component of tears. A decrease in the lacrimal gland secretory function can lead to dry eye disease. Because aging is a risk factor for dry eye disease, study of the changes in the function of the lacrimal gland functional unit with age is important for developing treatments to prevent dry eye disease. No one… CONTINUE READING
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