The aging hippocampus: a multi-level analysis in the rat.

  title={The aging hippocampus: a multi-level analysis in the rat.},
  author={I. Driscoll and Sarah R Howard and James C. Stone and Marie H. Monfils and Boguslaw Tomanek and William M. Brooks and Rob J. Sutherland},
  volume={139 4},
In the current experiment we conducted a multi-level analysis of age-related characteristics in the hippocampus of young adult (3 months), middle-aged (12 months), and old (24 months) Fisher 344xBrown Norway hybrid (FBNF1) rats. We examined the relationships between aging, hippocampus, and memory using a combination of behavioral, non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, and postmortem neuroanatomical measures in the same rats. Aging was associated with functional deficits on… CONTINUE READING


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