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The advantage of polyhedral meshes

  title={The advantage of polyhedral meshes},
  author={Marko Peri{\'c} and A. G. Ferguson},
A tapered styrene-butadiene copolymer is extruded to form a film and a sheet. The tapered styrene-butadiene copolymer can be admixed with polystyrene and is extruded to form a film and is pressed or stretched. The tapered copolymer can be a copolymer of a molecular weight of 40,000 - 250,000 with a total styrene content of 60 - 90 weight percent and with a total butadiene content of 40 - 10 weight percent. More than 10% of the chain portion has a tapering rate of 0.3 - 4. The tapered styrene… 

Internal Flow Analysis of a Heat Transfer Enhanced Tube with a Segmented Twisted Tape Insert

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers unneeded heat from one region to another, and transferred heat may be fully reused, thus improving energy efficiency. To augment this positive process,

Mathematical Modeling and Analysis New Discretization Methodology for Diffusion Problems on Polyhedral Meshes

A diffusion problem, which appears in computational fluid dynamics, heat conduction, radiation transport, etc., is considered and a new discretization methodology is developed that has no analogs in literature is developed.

Experimental and CFD modelling of a Progressive Cavity Pump using overset unstructured mesh

A Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) is widely used in industry as an artificial lift method because of its high efficiency during the pumping of high viscosity fluids and two-phase liquid-gas flow

A Comparison of RANS-Based Turbulence Modeling for Flow over a Wall-Mounted Square Cylinder

Using experimental data from a study of flow over a wall-mounted square cylinder (h=4d) as a baseline, three Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes turbulence models are used in a commercial CFD code

d2 Law and Penetration Length of Jatropha and Camelina Bio-Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene Spray Characteristics at Take-Off, Top of Climb and Cruise

A comparison of d2 law and penetration length of biofuels with Jet–A through the incorporation of fuel properties and actual combustor inlet data at various flight trajectories is presented. This

Towards polyhedral meshing algorithms in Salome: a study of available algorithms and development of a new one

  • Computer Science
  • 2021
Some numerical simulation tools developed in CEA/DES and EDF R&D are now able to deal with polyhedral elements as meshes, which provide a good trade-off between good geometry approximation, good numerical properties, and ease of generation.

CFD Analysis on the Main-Rotor Blade ofa Scale Helicopter Model using Overset Meshing

In this paper, an analysis in computational uid dynamics (CFD) is presented on a helicopter scale model with focus on the main-rotor blades.The helicopter model is encapsulated in a background region

Numerical study of incomplete stent apposition caused by deploying undersized stent in arteries with elliptical cross-sections.

Overall, ISA leads to high time-averaged WSS (TAWSS) at the proximal end of the stent and low TAWSS at the ISA transition region and the distal end, which may indicate a nidus for in-stent thrombosis.