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The adoption of Facebook Live for internet news broadcasts by local television affiliates

  title={The adoption of Facebook Live for internet news broadcasts by local television affiliates},
  author={L. Hammock},



All the news that's fit to post: A profile of news use on social networking sites

Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, and User Acceptance of Information Technology

Regression analyses suggest that perceived ease of use may actually be a causal antecdent to perceived usefulness, as opposed to a parallel, direct determinant of system usage.

Diffusion of innovations

Upon returning to the U.S., author Singhal’s Google search revealed the following: in January 2001, the impeachment trial against President Estrada was halted by senators who supported him and the government fell without a shot being fired.

Local TV news fact sheet

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Growth in mobile news use driven by older adults

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What Facebook Live means for journalism

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Zuckerberg really wants you to stream live video on Facebook. Wired

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What does Facebook Live mean for journalism? Storybench, http://www.storybench.org/facebook-live-mean-journalism

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A Little Birdie Told Me: Factors that Influence the Diffusion of Twitter in Newsrooms

Twitter has become a global, social media platform that is reshaping the way journalists communicate, gather information, and disseminate news. This study builds on the relatively young field of

Can TV stations live With Facebook Live? TVNewsCheck.com

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