The adaptation of two similar soils to pyrene catabolism.

  title={The adaptation of two similar soils to pyrene catabolism.},
  author={C. J. Macleod and Kirk T Semple},
  journal={Environmental pollution},
  volume={119 3},
The development of pyrene catabolic activity was assessed in two similar soils (pasture and woodland) amended with 100 mg pyrene kg(-1) In the pasture and woodland soils, significant mineralisation of 14C-pyrene was observed after 8 and 76 weeks soil-pyrene contact times, respectively. In both soils, there were significant decreases (P<0.05) in the lag times and significant increases (P <0.05) in the maximum rates and extents of 14C-pyrene mineralised with increasing soil-pyrene contact time. A… CONTINUE READING

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