The active microbolometer: a new concept in infrared detection

  title={The active microbolometer: a new concept in infrared detection},
  author={K. Liddiard},
  booktitle={SPIE Micro + Nano Materials, Devices, and Applications},
  • K. Liddiard
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    SPIE Micro + Nano Materials…
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During the past decade there has been a major change, often described as a paradigm shift, in passive infrared (IR) detection, due to the rapid development of microbolometer IR detectors fabricated by MEMS/MST technology. Microbolometers are now replacing the elegant but costly cryogenically cooled photon detector technology for all but specialised or very high performance applications. Silicon resistance microbolometers were first developed at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation… Expand
QCL-assisted infrared chemical imaging
Micro- and nano-technologies (MNT) have opened up the mid-infrared (IR) spectral region to room temperature techniques that are enabling new applications in chemical imaging. The mid-IR is rich inExpand
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Effect of interface on mid-infrared photothermal response of MoS2 thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition
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Studying on the Experimental Method of Near-Field Thermal Radiation Based on Micro Sensors
The experimental method of near-field thermal radiation between two Silicon oxide (SiO2) plates was developed. The key work is the near-field thermal radiation (NFTR) sensor design. Firstly, theExpand
Vicarious Calibration of sUAS Microbolometer Temperature Imagery for Estimation of Radiometric Land Surface Temperature
A vicarious calibration methodology for sUAS temperature imagery traceable back to NIST-standards and current atmospheric correction methods is presented, finding that, despite the spectral response of microbolometer cameras, it was possible to account for the effects of atmospheric and s UAS operational conditions, regardless of time and weather, to acquire accurate surface temperature data. Expand
Erratum to: Effect of interface on mid-infrared photothermal response of MoS2 thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition
The correspondence author in the original version of this article was unfortunately wrongly written on page 3571 and the first page of the ESM.Instead of Ankur Goswami1, Priyesh Dhandaria1, SoupitakExpand
Occupancy Estimation Using Thermal Imaging Sensors and Machine Learning Algorithms
Occupancy estimation has a broad range of applications in security, surveillance, traffic and resource management in smart building environments. Low-resolution thermal imaging sensors can be usedExpand
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Low-cost 160 x 128 uncooled infrared sensor array
This paper present a novel low cost, high performance readout integrated circuit (ROIC) for bolometer uncooled detector applications. The array is designed to offer better than 80mK NEdT using f/1.8Expand
Temperature-dependent effects in field-effect measurements on hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-film transistors
Abstract The activation energy of the source-drain current I SD in hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-film transistors shows a correlation with the extrapolated intercept of I SD for 1/T →0 whichExpand
Low pinch-off voltage amorphous silicon junction field-effect transistor: experiment and simulation
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It is shown that the electrical conductivity of a tetrahedral amorphous semiconductor can be controlled over many orders of magnitude by doping with substitutional impurities. Experiments wereExpand
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