The actions of ketamine on vascular smooth muscle.

  title={The actions of ketamine on vascular smooth muscle.},
  author={Paul M. Lundy and C. W. Gowdey and E. H. Colhoun},
  journal={Archives internationales de pharmacodynamie et de therapie},
  volume={220 2},
The responses of rabbit aortic strips superfused with noradrenaline, adrenaline and 5-HT were studied alone and in combination with ketamine (50 mug/ml). Ketamine caused a slight depression of the isolated aorta but potentiated responses to adrenaline but not to noradrenaline or 5-hydroxytryptamine. Ketamine did not potentiate aortic strips contracted to a stable level by pyrogallol and adrenaline. Experiments carried out with COMT from homogenates of rat liver showed that, in contrast to… CONTINUE READING