The action of the alkaloids from yew (Taxus baccata) on the action potential in theXenopus medullated axon

  title={The action of the alkaloids from yew (Taxus baccata) on the action potential in theXenopus medullated axon},
  author={John Raymond Smythies and Frederick Benington and Richard D. Morin and G. Al-Zahid and Gordon M. Schoepfle},
La tassina cruda, ottenuta del tassoTaxus baccata L. ha dimostrato di ridurre l'influsso Na+ del-l'azione potenziale di singole preparazioni axon dal nervo sciatico della rana. La tassina cruda contiene una miscela di composti chimici e noi suggeriamo che la tassicina è il composto chimico responsabile per questo effetto. 
Fatal ingestion of Taxus baccata: English yew
This case illustrates a collaborative team approach among subject matter experts to unexpectedly discover and then confirm the sudden death of this woman from T. baccata toxicity.
The action of cycloheximide on the action potential and protein synthesis in medullatedXenopus axons
Cycloheximide depresses maximum rate of change in membrane potential observed during the rising phase of the action potential in single medullated axons ofXenopus. Time course of depression is
Intérêt pharmaceutique du genre Taxus et des Taxanes ; culture in vitro et dosage
Le genre Taxus se compose d'arbres ou d'arbustes a feuillage persistant tres presents dans nos regions. Selon les classifications phylogenetiques recentes le genre Taxus appartient a l'ordre des


Kinetics of change in spike height during anodal polarization of isolated single nerve fibers.
It is concluded that no change in emf of the membrane need be postulated in order to account for the time dependent increase in spike height during hyperpolarization of normal or depressed nodes.
Factors controlling simulated responses of medullated nerve fibers.