The action of herbal medicine on the libido: aspects of nutritional intervention in increasing sexual desire


Introduction: The libido is considered to be a sexual drive in individuals that can be determined and influenced by several factors, such as social, psychological, and hormonal factors. It is known that nutritional aspects are important hormone regulators and that sexual dysfunction may, in many cases, be reversed with simple lifestyle changes. Aims: The aim of the study is to describe the actions of herbal medicine on the libido with an appropriate level of scientific evidence. Methodology: A systematic review of the PUBMED, Scielo, and EMBASE databases was conducted, using the keywords “libido, food, and nutrient.” Results: This study identified 2798 articles, 34 of which were selected, as they discussed exclusive studies involving herbal medicine. Some herbal medicines stood out, including Tribulus terrestris, used to increase testosterone serum levels; Eurycoma longifólia, which, in addition to the increased testosterone serum levels, also leads to an increased biosynthesis of several androgens; ginseng, which increases energy levels and stimulates smooth muscle relaxation with nitrous oxide; Maca (Lepidium meyenii), which improves sexual performance, in addition to having androgenic effects; and Mondia whitei (ginger), which improves the libido and erection. In addition to these, one study has demonstrated the effective impact of a hypocaloric, hyperproteic, and hypolipidemic diet on the libido, both improving sexual and erectile functions and increasing testosterone levels. Conclusion: Herbal medicine analyzed in this study demonstrate positive effects on the libido, thus proving that, along with nutritional intervention, it is also a promising field in nutrition actions that provide support to combat sexual dysfunctions.

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