The actin cytoskeleton as a sensor and mediator of apoptosis


Abbreviations: ABP/s, actin-binding protein/s; ADF, actin depolymerizing factor; Bcl-2, B cell lymphoma 2; CIN, chronophin; DISC, death-inducing signaling complex; F-actin, filamentous actin; FADD, fas-associated death domain; G-actin, globular actin; Fractin, fragment actin; HMW, High molecular weight; LIMK, LIM kinase; LMW, Low molecular weight; MLCK, myosin light chain kinase; MDR, multi-drug resistance; N-Gelsolin, NH2-terminal gelsolin; OMM, outer mitochondrial membrane; mtDY, mitochondrial membrane potential; SSH, slingshot homolog; TESK, testicular kinase; TNFa, tumor necrosis factor-alpha; tActin, truncated actin; VDAC, voltage-dependent anion channel

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