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The acoustics and performance of DJ scratching, Analysis and modelling

  title={The acoustics and performance of DJ scratching, Analysis and modelling},
  author={K. Hansen},
This thesis focuses on the analysis and modeling of scratching, in other words, the DJ (disk jockey) practice of using the turntable as a musical instrument. There has been experimental use of turn ... 

S-notation: A complete musical notation system for scratching and sample music derived from "Theory of Motions"

In this paper, we present and discuss S-notation for sample-based music, and particularly for DJ scratching and turntablism. Sonnenfeld developed S-notation based on his Theory of Motion where scra

BeatJockey: A New Tool for Enhancing DJ Skills

We present BeatJockey, a prototype interface which makes use of Audio Mosaicing (AM), beat-tracking and machine learning techniques, for supporting Diskjockeys (DJs) by proposing them new ways of

Mixtapes and Turntablism: DJs’ Perspectives on Musical Shape

The notion of musical shape is widely used by performing musicians, but most studies have focussed on classical performing contexts. This paper extends this research to DJs performing on turntables,

The turntable: the musical instrument of hip-hop

  • Art
  • 2013
The disc jockey was and still is the music provider of hip-hop. This means doing everything: playing the popular tracks, finding the music for dance, being the rappers background band, having the

Battle of the DJs: an HCI Perspective of Traditional, Virtual, Hybrid and Multitouch DJing

This work presents a classication of DJ tools, from an interaction point of view, that divides the previous work into Traditional, Virtual and Hybrid setups, and presents a multitouch tabletop application, developed with a group of DJ consultants to ensure an adequate implementation of the traditional gesture lexicon.

Bathcratch: Touch and Sound-Based DJ Controller Implemented on a Bathtub

The design, user interface, music controller implementation of this system, allowing an average person in a bathtub to play scratching music, and the feedback received for it during a public exhibition are explained.

Multitouch interactive DJing surface

This work proposes a Virtual DJ system with natural interaction, paired with a low-learning curve and an emphasis in user-oriented design, and draws conclusions on the adequacy of multitouch towards DJing.

Conceptual Integration and User Interface Metaphor for the Multi-Touch Control of Recorded Audio

It is hypothesize that a software design approach using conceptual integration, or blending, will lead to new ludic interfaces for musical expression with the potential to facilitate DJ tasks, and introduces the programming framework, TactoSonix.

Mt-Djing: Multitouch DJing Table

This work proposes a Virtual DJ system with natural interaction, paired with a low-learning curve and an emphasis in useroriented design, and draws conclusions on the adequacy of multitouch towards DJing.

Investigating the Value of DJ Performance for Contemporary Music Education and Sensorimotor Synchronisation (SMS) Abilities

Two studies were conducted to establish a more complete picture of the skills that might be accessed through learning to DJ and the potential value of those skills for music education. The first



Analysis of the acoustics and playing strategies of turntable scratching

Scratching performed by a DJ (disk jockey) is a skillful style of playingthe turntable with complex musical output. This study focuses on the description of some of the acoustical parameters and pl

DJ scratching performance techniques : Analysis and synthesis

Scratching is a popular way of making music, turning the DJ into a musician. Normally scratching is done using a vinyl record, a turntable and a mixer. Vinyl manipulation is built up by a number of

Analysis of a Genuine Scratch Performance

The complexity of scratching is illustrated by measuring the gestures of one DJ during a performance and the analysis of these measurements is important to consider in the design of a scratch model.

Principles for expressing emotional content in turntable scratching

Background: Scratching is a novel musical style that introduces the turntable as a musical instrument. Sounds are generated by moving vinyl records with one or two hands on the turntable and contro

Mapping strategies in DJ scratching

An overview of how DJs use their turntable, vinyl record and audio mixer in junction to produce scratch music is given, looking at the mapping principles between the controller parameters and the audio output parameters.

Overview of the KTH rule system for musical performance.

The KTH rule system models performance principles used by musicians when performing a musical score, within the realm of Western classical, jazz and popular music, by using selections of rules and rule quantities to model semantic descriptions such as emotional expressions.

The Basics of Scratching

This article deals with the popular and rarely studied art form of manipulating a vinyl record by rhythmically dragging and pushing it, commonly labelled “scratching.” With sufficient practice, a

Dance music, movement and tempo preferences

We collected data from so-called bpm-lists: lists used and compiled by DJs containing the tempi of their records. Since these data are necessarily perceptually relevant, the whole set of data can be

A Model of Expressive Timing in Tonal Music

During a performance, a pianist has direct control over only two variables, duration and intensity (Seashore, 1938). Other factors such as pitch and timbre are determined largely by the composer and

Computational Models of Expressive Music Performance: The State of the Art

This contribution gives an overview of the state of the art in the field of computational modeling of expressive music performance by reviewing a number of quantitative models of various aspects of expressive performance.